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Born and raised in Atlanta, GA.
Lives and works in Ojai, CA

Nicola was born and raised in Atlanta; it’s a time and place that still inspires her gritty aesthetic today. She embraced art as a lifestyle when she moved to Los Angeles and surrounded herself with artists, working with them in various capacities before trying her hand at the creative process herself. Nicola draws upon her extensive background in design and color but also makes an effort to keep herself open to new ideas, experimenting with materials and techniques. In the studio, nothing matters but the creation unfolding in front of her; the results can feel serendipitous, unforeseen, opportune.

Nicola uses the urban landscape as her guide, finding beauty where others may see grime. Her art is a combination of her photographs, creating new stories, sometimes including stenciling, acrylics, reclaimed barn wood, reclaimed corrugated metal, as well as the occasional found object. All of her work is then applied onto a wood panel and finished off with several coats of clear resin.

Nicola currently lives in Ojai, CA.


Showrooms & Galleries:
2012- present    Kevin Barry Fine Art -Santa Monica, CA/ San Francisco, CA/  Las Vegas, NV
2012- present    Designer Services Group
2012- 2016         Pal+ Smith
2012- present    Huff Gallery
2012- present    Artstudio 101
2013- present    Art Design Resources
2014- 2016         Perrell Fine Art
2015- present    Artspace Warehouse

4/2012- Mission Federal Artwalk -San Diego, CA
7/2012- Malibu Arts Festival -Malibu, CA
9/2012- Sausalito Arts Festival -Sausalito, CA
10/2012- Manhattan Beach Art Festival -Manhattan Beach, CA
10/2012- TKOart presents: Nicola -Los Angeles Brewery -Los Angeles, CA
1/2013- Southwest Arts Festival -Indio, CA
4/2013- Mission Federal Artwalk -San Diego, CA - Featured Artist
5/2013- Art in the Park -Ojai, CA
8/2013- San Diego Artwalk at NTC Station -San Diego, CA
10/2013- La Jolla Art & Wine Festival -La Jolla, CA
10/2013- Beverly Hills Art Show -Beverly Hills, CA
4/2013- Mission Federal Art Walk -San Diego, CA
5/2014- Art in the Park -Ojai, CA
6/2014- Gold Coast Art Festival -Chicago, IL
8/2014- Mission Federal Art Walk at NTC Station -San Diego. CA
8/2014- Port Clinton Art Festival -Highland Park, IL
4/2015- Fluidity in Ascending Scales- Artspace Warehouse-LA, CA- Featured Artist
8/2015- Ojai Art in the Park- Ojai, CA
9/2015- Sausalito Art Festival- Sausalito, CA
9/2015- Affordable Art Fair- Artspace Warehouse- New York, NY
11/2015- Affordable Art Fair- Artspace Warehouse- Singapore

3/2016- Spectrum Indian Wells- Nicola Collection- Indian Wells, CA

5/2016- Art in the Park- Ojai, CA

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